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About Me

Hey Tigers!
My name is Christie Quan, and I'm the Mental Health Counselor for Trinity ISD.  I'm a Trinity native, a THS alumna, and I'm excited to be back home to serve our community.
I earned my BSFCS from Baylor University in 2006, where I majored in Child and Family Studies and minored in Chemistry.  After graduating, I came home to Trinity and taught K-5 Fine Arts for 3 years and kindergarten for 3 years.  During my time as a classroom teacher, I went back to graduate school and studied counseling, play therapy, and sand tray therapy.  I now hold a M. Ed. in Counseling from Sam Houston State University.  I worked for 2 years for a nonprofit clinical counseling office as I earned my LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) license from the great state of Texas, and my RPT (Registered Play Therapist) from the Association for Play Therapy.
In 2017 I had the opportunity to travel and serve with a mission organization called Adventures in Missions.  I spent 11 months in 11 different countries letting the Lord take me deeper into my faith and trust in Him. Everyone always asks, so I'll tell you--I spent time in Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.  After that year, I went back and helped lead groups of 18-21 year old young adults on 3 month and 9 month trips to India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.
I'm excited to be back to serve my hometown community, bringing in what I've learned from my additional education and varied experiences.  My role as Mental Health Counselor for the district will be to serve the students and staff as a LPC.  I'm hope to bring some mental health education, awareness, and coping skills to the students and staff in efforts to continue make our district a safe place.  I am encouraged that the Trinity ISD administrators value the students' and staff's mental health enough to hire an in-house licensed counselor, and I'm looking forward to helping create a culture of mental health wellness.
Can't wait to see y'all!