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Ms. McKnight/Science

Hello Trinity Tigers: I am so excited to be apart of the Trinity Middle School Staff.  
My email address is [email protected]. My conference time is
The school phone number is 936-594-2321. A closer look at me:
From many years of overcoming difficult challenges and adverse circumstances. I have decided that there are several distinct characteristics that truly define my persona. These challenges have helped to develop many of the characteristics that define Brenda. I am a woman of strength, patience, wisdom, empathy, integrity, and an ongoing learner. I am not perfect, but I strive to remain open-minded and embrace change when needed. I have the ability as many people do to wear many hats at one time. In the same vein, I am a very passionate individual who is self driven to succeed and to make an important contribution in the field of education. I have worked many years in the school system and the community to help students and parents reach their potential. I place a high value on our education system and have set my goals to see public school system rise to the occasion and produce leaders who will lead us with quality in the 21st century. These characteristics are equally important and in my opinion can not stand alone as any one great strength.
However, in keeping with insight into me, my one greatest strength can be summarized in the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi,"The best way to find (you) is to lose yourself in the service of others."In my opinion, the ability to lead and serve others is my greatest forte, or strength.
The best leader is one who not only leads with integrity and strength; but, also one who acknowledges their on weakness and works to improve or overcome them. Being raised by my great-grandmother. I quickly learned many lessons that contributed to my strength and weaknesses. At an early age, I learned that I am not inferior to anyone and that it does matter where I end up in life. This developed a need to overachieve and to never settle for less than my best. Growing up in the public school system, I decided that along with the life lessons of my great-grandmother, I would make indelible contribution to my family's legacy for my children and grandchildren to follow. Therefore, I have discovered that my strongest flaw or weakness is tenacity. I firmly understand that being overly tenacious attributes to burn out and over extension of oneself or those you are leading. Acknowledging my weakness and walking with a level-headed resolve to step back and reflect often keeps this weakness and the others mentioned at bay.