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Ten Ways To Help Children Develop Healthy Habits: 

1) Practice Healthy Habits. 
Children learn by watching. If you're practicing healthy habits it will be easier to convince them to do so. 

2) Plan active times with the family. Take walks, ride bikes any physical activity 
or exercise the family can do together. 

3) Limit sedentary activities and snacking. Watching T.V.,video games and computer time,do not promote a cardiovascular workout. 

4) Find a physical activity that your children enjoy. 
They'll be active longer if they enjoy what they're doing. 

5) Be supportive, focus on your childrens successes. 

6) Set specific goals and set limits. An example might be, one hour of physical activity a day 
or two desserts a week. 

7) Find ways to reward good behavior,but do not use food, candy or snacks. 

8) Make dinner time a family time.It's a good time to develope good eating habits and share time with your family. 

9) Learn about what you eat by reading food labels.The whole family can learn from this. 

10) Stay aware of your childrens diet at school and at home. Be sure your healthcare providers 
are monitoring weight and cardiovascular indicators.